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Davison Township

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(810) 653-4156
1280 N. Irish Rd., Davison, MI 48423
Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

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General Information

Township governmental services are divided into six departments. The Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer and staff are available to assist you Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Supervisor oversees the Building and Zoning, Assessing and Police Departments. The Clerk oversees accounts payable, voting and elections, payroll, and all record keeping for the township. The Treasurer oversees accounts receivable, deposits and tax information. The two elected trustees are local citizens who work outside the township building and attend board meetings on a monthly basis.

If you have any questions, please call 810-653-4156 and you will be directed to the appropriate department.

Supervisor's Department

Jim Slezak – Supervisor

Jami Vert
– Supervisor’s Executive Assistant

Contact the Supervisor’s Office

810-653-4156 ext. 7601

If you want to report a problem or issue with street lights, roads, ditches or drains you can click on the links provided below or contact the Supervisor’s Office.

Report road problems
Report ditching problems
Report drain problems
Report street light problems

The supervisor is frequently the first official contacted regarding any township business or complaints and is often perceived as the township spokesperson. It must be realized, however, that the authority of the supervisor is limited to that provided by statue or delegated by the township board. The supervisor is the moderator of any township meeting and votes on all issues upon which a vote is required. The supervisor is considered the chief executive officer for the township.

Clerk's Department

Michael T. Leffler – Clerk

Jessica Harmon
– Deputy Clerk

Andrea Schaal – Director of Accounting and Finance

Brenda Tong– Voter Registration & Absentee Ballots

Contact the Clerk’s Department at 810-653-4156 ext. 7401

Voting Information

The major responsibilities of the Clerk are record keeping, financial operations, administration of payroll and elections. The Clerk certifies the oaths of offices and records of the township, and public record, which are open to inspection at reasonable times. Included in the Clerk’s duties is the publication of public notices, voter registration and absentee ballot requests.

The clerk has custody of all records, books and papers of the township, if no other law so provides. The clerk must file and retain all certificates of oaths and other papers required to be filed in their office. All records must be kept by the clerk in a safe and proper place where they will not be exposed to any unusual hazard of fire or theft. All records of the township, except those which have some confidential character, are public records that are open to inspection at reasonable times and places under the supervision of the clerk or other official appropriately having custody of the record.

FOIA request please send to the clerk at mleffler@davisontwp-mi.org

Treasurer's Department

Tim Green – Treasurer

Lois Pastori
– Deputy Treasurer

Madi Griffin – Treasury Clerk

Contact the Treasurer’s Department at 810-653-4156 ext. 7502

Property Tax Information
Online Payments
Make a Tax Payment / Review Tax Bill
Summer Tax Deferment Form (PDF)

The treasurer is required to receive and take charge of all funds belonging to the township or which are required by law to be paid into the township treasury. The Treasurer’s Department is responsible for collecting real and personal property taxes, receipting for township expenditures, depositing township revenues in approved depositories, investing township funds in approved investment vehicles and collecting delinquent personal property taxes.

Sample Tax Bill

Assessing Department

Kaitlin Pacheco – MAAO, MCPPE
Davison Township Assessor

Contact the Assessing Department at 810-653-4156 ext. 7300


The Davison Township Assessor is Kaitlin Pacheco, MAAO (3), MCPPE. Her contact information is as follows:


Email: kpacheco@davisontwp-mi.org

Phone: (810) 653-4156 (prompt 4 for Assessing Dept.)

Fax: (810) 658-3435

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 12:30pm and 1:30pm to 4:00pm

Taxpayer inquiries that are submitted will be responded to within 2-5 business days.

Taxpayers may arrange an in-person meeting with the Assessor by contacting the Assessor at least 24 hours prior to the desired meeting time by email or telephone. While appointments are recommended, taxpayers may also walk-in the office during normal business hours. This includes meetings to informally hear or resolve disputes after receiving an Assessment Change Notice but before the March Board of Review.

Requests for inspection or production of records maintained by the assessor’s office can be requested by email, telephone or in-person and will be provided within 2-5 business days. However, if the request is substantial, the Assessor may require the inquirer to file a FOIA request with the Township Clerk’s office.

Taxpayers can also access Assessing Information such as property assessment records, forms, land value studies, economic condition factors (ECFs), and information regarding proposal A, Board of Review, and personal property taxes on our website, www.davisontwp-mi.gov by clicking Your Government, Departments, Assessing Department.

Property Assessment Records
Proposal A – Taxable Value
Board of Review
Personal Property Tax Information
Assessing Forms
Online Payments
2024 Agricultural ECF Study
2024 Comm & Ind ECF Study
2024 Residential ECF Studies
2024 Residential Land Value Studies
2024 M&B & Acreage Land Value Study
2024 Agricultural Land Value Study
2024 Comm & Ind Land Value Study

The Assessing Department has the responsibility of appraising and determining the true cash value of all taxable properties located within the township. This department also has the

responsibility to prepare the assessment rolls for Davison Township. The State of Michigan Constitution and Statute requires that, notwithstanding, any other provision of law, the assessed values placed upon the assessment roll shall be at 50% of true cash value. The assessed values, when equalized, become the State Equalized Values (SEV) and taxes were based on those values. This procedure changed with the passage of Proposal A in March of 1994. Proposal A placed additional and profound limits on the values used to compute property taxes. Starting in 1995 and thereafter, property taxes are calculated based on the Taxable Value.

The Assessing Department serves as a source of information for the public by maintaining for general inspection, subdivision plat maps, as well as property record cards for each parcel of land located in Davison Township. In 2010 during construction of the website there were over 7400 real parcels and over 600 personal property accounts. The appraisers within this department are constantly reviewing and updating records to reflect changes that occur to the individual properties.

Responsible for real and personal property assessment functions in Davison Township, to ensure that all property is fairly and equitably assessed as required by Michigan property tax laws, and that accurate assessment records are maintained.

Click here for a complete list of the Township Assessor’s Duties

Building, Planning, and Variance

Matt Place – Building Official, Planning/Zoning Admin

Steve Sturgis – Building Inspector/Code Enforcement

Shelley LaBarge – Building Department Clerk

Lisa Minto – Water/Sewer Department Clerk

Contact the Building Department at 810-653-4156 ext. 7201

Building Information
Variance Information
Planning Information
Fee Schedule

Complaint Form

The Building/Zoning/Planning Division is the focus of both public and private property development throughout the township, and the sustainable management of its land and water resources and public infrastructure; including, downtown development authority and neighborhood revitalization, long range land use planning, new development entitlements, building permits, building plan check, inspection services, code enforcement and programs for residential and commercial properties.